Calum’s List

Please note we have recovered our old friend’s original web domain:-

Please click on the above link to go to our main website.

All further information is being placed on that domain address. Not least because there are several dozen established weblinks to  from other websites, and we wish to ensure any disabled folk, or friends and family of disabled people can directly access the original Calum’s List website via the old domain name that our departed friend established.










We also pay respects to our friends at the WoW website on achieving their landmark petition with over 104,000 signatures and the resultant Parliamentary Debate in the House of Commons. All of this, along with passionate pleas from DECENT Members of Parliament like John McDonnell M.P., means that there still seems to be some hope to help make Welfare Reform fair and stop all of these needless Welfare Reform Deaths:-

Please Click On The Picture Above To Witness John McDonnell MPs Plea

For the avoidance of doubt, there is currently no wish on the part of we friends and relatives of the deceased at Calum’s List to enter a substantive political debate.

Just an overwhelming desire to help make Welfare Reform FIT FOR PURPOSE and in a way that STOPS anybody else dying as a result of alleged incompetence, neglect or culpability at the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP).

For now we are leaving this site relatively dormant, after our original Calum’s List  webhosting friend died (thanks in no small part to the DWP helping him die).

 But if ONE more person commits suicide or dies prematurely due to dangerous Welfare Reforms, or one more:




…lands through some poor soul’s letterbox with a toxic-to-health result, then action in HM Courts will be commenced.


Welfare Reform Death Toll – 2015 Updates